A Modest Proposal for Euthanasia Essay

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A Modest Proposal for Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a controversy that cannot be resolved from a single court ruling or a single person’s opinion. Many proposals have been suggested based on various studies and surveys. In “You Say Murder, I Say Euthanasia,” Clair Rayner describes a notable proposal regarding extreme euthanasia cases. The proposal, which has been put into the Science of Museum forum, recommends complex cases to be considered individually. In “Assisted Suicide Largely Shunned,” the anonymous author offers statistics that oppose the ethics of euthanasia.

In “You Say Murder, I Say Euthanasia,” Rayner commences the article by describing the exhibits of the Science Museum. One exhibit that the author discusses has a
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It was granted.” (Rayner 31) This was a decision that ended the boy’s suffering, however it did not allow doctors to euthanaize and bring about a painless death. Instead, the boy died of dehydration and starvation and may have felt the effects of it despite being unconscious. In cases such as Tony Bland’s, the proposal would come into play. These cases involve people that require special care and judgment due to their condition. For the proposal to function properly, there could be no outside pressure from family and friends; the decision would solely be made by the patient. A psychiatric illness cannot be present, all medical care would have to be given first, and lastly, the patient would go to a court made up of medical and legal experts (Rayner 31). In “Assisted Suicide Largely Shunned,” the author presents the audience with an informative set of case study that implies the author’s extreme opposition to euthanasia. One surprising fact is that most dying patients today would not choose to be euthanized if they had that right. “About one of ten patients who were terminally ill said they seriously considered using euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. Fewer than 6 percent said they had seriously discussed either measure for themselves or hoarded drugs with the

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