A Moment of Fear and Joy

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It was a moment of fear and tears when I was diagnosed with a serious lower back pain. The doctor comes into the waiting room with a high tone, saying I needed operation as soon as possible. I was nervous about just hearing the word operation; I did not think my back pain was a serious problem. For the doctor the only solution to not have pain was to do an operation, but that was not the worst part, going through the process of an operation was going to have some complications. I deny to the fact that I had to go through operation I did not bother to do with what the doctor said. I wanted to live a normal life. Even though the operation was going to take off the pain I had to stop doing the things I love for example basketball. Playing basketball was a passion in my life and knowing that I would not be able to play was something I could not accept. One morning I decided to go to my doctor’s office. I wanted to inform him about some research I had done about my problem. I walked in there and told him that therapy might be a good treatment to help my back. The doctor rejects my idea the only solution he thought of was doing an operation. I went against the doctor and never did what I was asked to. I changed doctors and I was glad I did; he gave me the opportunity to have therapy which I would never reject. Therapy helped me get rid of my pain and I did not have to go through serious risk and also stop to do the things I love. Being a rebel is not always negative, it is also a
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