A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness

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Death is a natural occurrence that although subconsciously we all know will happen one day, there is a continuous reluctance to think about it and even to fully accept it. It is not surprising news that when an important family member dies, it can take a toll on the family as a whole. As a mom, it is difficult to watch your child be strained to handle a parent’s responsibility. Leaving Conor’s mom feeling as if she is inadequate and failing as his mother. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness explores the idea of death, its denial, the underlying pressure of the parent-child relationship due to the unfortunate circumstances. Conor’s mom feels as if she is doing an inadequate job and failing him as a mother. By holding back true information of her illness as a way to compensate her sons’ feelings, she does more harm than good. Conor eventually learns that he cannot avoid dealing with death and loss, so instead of relying on his family to show him how to cope, he uses his dreams and the Monster as his coping mechanism where he finds the truth he has been looking for. Generally, a family is supposed to be there in times of great need, especially for adolescents. However, the O’Malleys aren’t doing the most nimble job in helping Conor to prepare and learn to deal with his grief. Along with his terminally ill mother, Conor has an absent father who he speaks to “fortnightly (or so)” (Ness, pg1), and a grandmother whom he does not get along with. It is particularly difficult for his…

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