A Montage Of Othello And Desdemona 's Relationship

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Jacob Wolf Period 3 English 10 25 March 2016 A Montage of Othello and Desdemona 's Relationship. We find that the hardest part of life can be the one that is the most common in every person 's life. Commitment has been a word that can be tossed around in relationships, with the vulnerable ring to it; that pursuit of something better can feel lost in even the most stable relationships. We find that Othello and Desdemona are not lovers. Desdemona is a bare projection for Othello 's own inability to develop self-esteem and overcoming self-alienation, which increases the potential of his immeasurable self-hatred. There is indifference, speechlessness, inability to communicate with quirky, infantile and confused character between the two. He wears this cloth, Othello 's love token, Othello’s body veil, which he gives away, thus exposing himself to Desdemona and before the whole world. More specifically, the veil and Desdemona, because both are synonymous, and such the same thing, that they symbolize infidelity. The cloth is given by Othello as a pledge of his "love" to Desdemona. He also pleaded his love for her when he says,Come, My dear love,The purchase made, the fruits are to ensue;The profit 's yet to come 'tween me and you.—Goodnight. (2.3.9-13). Othello’s cloth, an heirloom, not only of his family, but an heirloom of mankind since its inception. An artifact of constant existential importance, artfully preserved with the help of young women 's hearts. The cloth

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