A Moral Examination of Roger Kumble's "Cruel Intentions" Essay

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I can't remember ever seeing a film with more moral problems and issues than Roger Kumbles Cruel Intentions. Although the film is intended to be a dark comedy and a teenage version of Dangerous Liaisons, Cruel Intentions is a mature and often shocking look at a potential realistic situation played up as a fantasy tale that offers a sickening example of the moral decay present in our society. Morals seem to change from generation to generation, and as time goes on it seems that at one time what was disgusting and immoral in our society is now second nature and pure entertainment for today's generation. An example of this might be to take the idea of a show consisting of uncensored sexual intercourse, and having it actually become a feasible…show more content…
The opening scene sets the immoral tone for the entire movie when Sebastian humiliates his therapist's daughter with nude pictures of her posted on the Internet (his reasoning: she was charging too much). He then admits that he is tired of sleeping with these "insipid debutantes" and wants a challenge worthy of his talents. At the same time Kathryn is upset that her ex-boyfriend dumped her for a ditzy klutz named Cecile (Selma Blair), and wants Sebastian to "pop her cherry," so to speak, to humiliate the boyfriend. As it turns out, this is nothing new for Sebastian, who has a reputation as a master of deflowering virgins. He agrees and of course succeeds but he has more challenging goals in mind. While turning through 17 Magazine one day, Sebastian came across the young Annette Hargrove (Reese Witherspoon), who happens to be the first character the audience meets with morals. Annette wrote an article titled "Why I plan to wait: A virgin's manifesto", where she goes into depth about all the reasons that she won't surrender her virginity until she falls in love. While reading the article, Sebastian refers to her as "daddies little angel, the paradigm of chastity and virtue" and proudly states that this young virgin would be his greatest conquest to date, and explains the wonders it would do for his reputation. The only reason that this
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