A Morning Routine Day Routine

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The morning routine, the same continuous routine day after day; in the huge luxurious house the smell of coffee and burnt toast filled up the entire house. The coffee always seems to be dripping into the pot slower and slower each morning, that can wait however the hot piping cup of rich vanilla flavored coffee will be there soon enough she thinks. The babies are screaming their heads off for some milk. All of Atlanta is about to come to life as dawn approaches. Of course the morning routine will change soon; Alanah’s maternity leave is almost up. Alanah’s thoughts start taking over; her colleagues at work have been so helpful, they really know how to step up and pick up the extra workload for her. The struggle of a working mother, with twin newborns, and having to be ready on time, that’s a scary thought for her. Looking out the window gives some solitude to her because it helps to block out all this craziness in this awakening city, seeing the beautiful colors of the leaves falling. Finally it’s that time of year, the best time of year. Weston is already up, has worked out, and washed the black Audi like every morning. Finally he is on the way up the beautiful red, yellow, and orange covered leaf filled walkway crunching under his feet. The babies have to go to the doctor today; there is no question about that. For some reason they are feverish, their eyes are heavy, and they both have a nasty cough, neither one feels well, they will be alright though. Both parents chalk…
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