A Morning Routine Day Routine

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The morning routine, the same continuous routine day after day; in the huge luxurious house the smell of coffee and burnt toast filled up the entire house. The coffee always seems to be dripping into the pot slower and slower each morning, that can wait however the hot piping cup of rich vanilla flavored coffee will be there soon enough she thinks. The babies are screaming their heads off for some milk. All of Atlanta is about to come to life as dawn approaches. Of course the morning routine will change soon; Alanah’s maternity leave is almost up. Alanah’s thoughts start taking over; her colleagues at work have been so helpful, they really know how to step up and pick up the extra workload for her. The struggle of a working mother, with…show more content…
Call it a mother’s intuition. Finally the babies are in the car, everyone in the family is ready, time to take off and fight the morning commuters, it’s okay though sitting in traffic can be the one time of the day to clear any thoughts running like a hamster on a hamster wheel, the thoughts can be never ending at times for both working parents. Finally sitting in these hard plastic seats in the room for the doctor, and all that can be smelt throughout the whole office is an overwhelming odor of rubbing alcohol. The doctor finally knocks on the door, his thick glasses and salt and pepper colored hair, are first seen poking through the door, anyone could tell a seasoned pediatrician when they see one. He is examining both babies very thoroughly, oh the look on his face that is a face of concern. What could be wrong? “It’s okay just taking a deep breath, they will be fine.” The doctor leaves and comes back this time to say what the diagnoses are. “Noah and Noelle having whooping cough which can be fatal in newborns”; he continues “do they go to daycare where they could be exposed by children who could be carriers whose parents are also opposed to vaccinations?” Weston looks toward the babies “yes” he replies in the softest voice he can mouth. Parents that share the exact same views about vaccination as Alanah and Weston can be problematic. With more and more parents not vaccinating their children when scheduled more and more children are suffering. If

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