A Morning of Passion and Pain

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They were lying on the bed naked; Their legs intertwined, allowing the sweat they had vigorously worked up moments ago to dry upon their skin. Carol shivered as Daryl slowly ran the tips of his fingers along her rib cage, skimming the underside of her breast, and back down again. He repeated the motion over and again, causing her body to quake with longing. The second time around had been a slow, but amazing, loving. There wasn't a spot on her body that Daryl hadn't traced or sculpted with his hands. His fingers had lovingly worshiped every dip and curve, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. When she had reached her peak, tingles had rushed through her body, and her vision had gone blurry. All she could feel was the instant lightness her body was experiencing, and the aching throb between her legs. Carol rest her head upon Daryl's shoulder, gently running her fingers over the muscled ridges of his stomach. She looked up at him and placed a hand upon his chest. "Did you lock the door?" She murmured softly. It occurred to her that anyone could walk in on them while they were both lying there naked as the day they were born. Daryl was staring up at the ceiling with a small smile. "No. They know better than ta come in here though." He replied, his voice deep and gravelly. Carol stared up at him with a lazy smile. "I hope so." She quipped. "I'd hate for Carl to bust in and see us lying here like this." Daryl snorted as his body shook with silent laughter. "It
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