A Morsel Of Chocolate Through American History

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A Morsel of Chocolate Through American History

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how chocolate has been a part of American History.

Central Idea: Chocolate has been a part of the United States’ history from the country’s earliest begins, through its expansion and growth, to the modern day America.

In 2013, the US chocolate sales topped $17 billion dollars. It should not be a surprise that chocolate is a snack that is consumed by a majority of Americans. Chocolate has been a part of our history since America’s birth.
From the early settlers of America to the space traveling US astronauts, chocolate has been a part of American history.
Tonight we will trace how chocolate has been with our country from the earliest beginnings, during the great times for growth and prospering to the difficult times of war and the Great Depression, to the 21st century.

(Transition: Looking back to early America, chocolate was a staple.)

Early America
Colonial Times 1620
After explorers Columbus and Cortez traveled to the Americas in the late 1400s, they returned to Europe with ships full of a variety of trade goods, including some cacao beans. A 1000 years later, when European settlers returned to America to set up colonies they brought chocolate with them.
At this time the drink was made with chocolate solids, some sugar and warm water. In Europe this somewhat bitter drink was expensive and just for the upper class and royalty.
In colonial America,this…
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