A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt Review

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Toyin Falola's memoir, A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt, portrays one boy's views on the culture and customs of his county from his perspective as an active participant as well as an observer. From determining his mother's age to joining in the struggle to free an innocent man, Dr. Falola's journey growing up in Nigeria embodies the rich, diverse history that defines Africa. The opening of the novel places the reader not in Falola's shoes as a child, but rather as an adult scholar attempting to procure information from his own family. This proves easier said than done as Falola takes us through the process of obtaining specific dates in a society that deems them irrelevant. By examining the difficulty that Falola has in this seemingly…show more content…
Education proves to be a major factor in this transition, as the newly educated class demands higher standards of living and white-collar jobs. Falola is able to give a face to the topics and issues that we have been discussing in class. Little details such as how imported foods change the taste buds of students and "prepare them for a future that would enslave them in the global economy" (Falola 145). As a student who has eaten cafeteria food for many, many years this is a concept that I can identify with and allows me to see the subtle ways in which the Western world has tainted traditional African culture. Another major event, Pasitor's attempt to free Jakobu, leads the reader step by step through the escalating corruption of the government and demonstrates how it directly affects the lives of the citizens. However, while the reader can imagine what it looked like to live in Africa during these times of change and hardship, the memoir does not give any indication of what it felt like. The lack of emotional connections in the text was disappointing and it made it harder to connect on a personal level with Falola's experiences. In this regard, the book failed to live up to my expectations. Falola's memoir places the reader in the midst of historical and cultural events by viewing them through the eyes of a young boy. This personal context allows the reader to better

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