A Movie Review on "El Presidente"

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El Presidente A. Title and year of release El Presidente (2012) B. Genre Action, Drama, War, History C. Audience Classification PG-13 D. Production team: Directed by | Mark Meily | Starring | Jorge Estregan as Emilio AguinaldoCristine Reyes as Hilaria Del RosarioCesar Montano as Andres Bonifacio | Studio | * CMB Films * Viva Films | | Scenema Concept International | E. Own Synopsis The story is told in flashbacks as Emilio Aguinaldo thanks the US government for giving him the opportunity to attend the full restoration of Philippine independence on July 4, 1946. The film begins with his capture by Philippine and US forces under Frederick Funston's command in 1901, then flashes back to 1886,…show more content…
II. Screenplay The screenwriters inserted some Spanish Dialogues, English, and Filipino in the script. And I was discontented with the screenplay itself. I didn’t like the dialogues especially when Baron Geisler who portrayed as a Spanish official talked to Emilio Aguinaldo in Spanish saying that he doesn’t understand Filipino, but then all of a sudden he understood it. That is just an example of the lack of continuity of the script. III. Direction The Director in this movie did a decent job of portraying the life of Emilio Aguinaldo. I said decent because I was quite disappointed with the way the movie played out. I expected so much from this movie, but in every scene, I don’t know if the director overlooked it, but I really am discontented with every scenes. IV. Cinematography The Cinematography was good in terms of portraying the proper scenes though in the fight scenes, the cinematography was quite lacking for the actors weren’t shown in many different angles. V. Editing The editing from the start is quite good but I didn’t like the editing on the war scenes. I didn’t like the editing because you can see that some of the fight scene was either fast-forward or in slow motion. With that in mind, the fight scene was discontented for me because the feeling of intensity in a fight scene isn’t quite felt by me. VI. Acting From the casting, to

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