A Much Needed Upgrade for Philips' Human Resource Information System

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Recruitment has become too competitive in these markets as there are many companies chasing a few good candidates. Philips needs to be attractive to prospective candidates with respect to the superior systems, policies and experiences that it can offer to candidates who may want to work there. This transformation at Philips needs a systemic change in the Human Resources function globally, driven by a new-age information system that is long overdue.


The existing HRIS systems at Philips i.e the Position Personnel Database (PPDB), the Position Information Control System (PICS), and the Applicant Certification System (APPL/CERT) are posing challenges in terms of operability and maintenance because of the number of changes incorporated over the years. They are falling short of the functionality and flexibility which is needed for effective disposal of today’s HR requirements of the organization
Although these systems generally meet their original objectives of maintaining employee and position management…
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