A Multi Disciplinary Team ( Mdt )

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A Multi-Disciplinary team (MDT) contains health professionals that work in partnership with clients to produce better health outcomes REF. They provide care that is efficient and effective (MOH, 2014c). Depending on the stage of the long term condition the MDT members differ in specialised fields that offers expertise and specific skills beneficial to the patient (MOH, 2014c) At present the aim of Sues MDT members is to help her self-manage her diabetes, with diet, exercise and medication. (Diabetes New Zealand, 2014) states that, a proper diet, daily exercise will reduce the risk of further complications of diabetes. Sue has gained a lot of weight she admits this is because of poor diet choice and lack of exercise. Sue feels trusting…show more content…
The pharmacist’s role is vital in Sue’s care and she has established that they help her manage her condition (Shawn McFarland et al., 2014). For instance she picks up her prescription from the pharmacy, and discovered that she had a new medication that the doctor prescribed. She asked the pharmacist if he could explain the medication to her. He gave her an easy to read pamphlet of her medication. The role of the nurse in Sue’s diabetes management is a check-up every three month. Sue’s discusses Sue’s diabetes and gives her information. Sue’s nurse educates her on the correct way to use her medication, exercise and diet to help her lose weight (Daly, Arroll, Kenealy, Sheridan & Scragg, 2015). Sue also arranges for her to have an annual flu vaccine every year free of charge (HNNZ, 2015b). The nurse also gives her advice, support and information about smoking cessation. Sue spends the greatest amount of time with the nurse and discussing her diabetes and acknowledges that the nurse is the face of the MDT. She has always seen the same nurse so it is easy for her to discuss her diabetes with him and for that reason the nurse and she have a good rapport. The nursing care for a patient with diabetes is to monitor and regularly assess their diabetes (Daly et al., 2015). Sue’s nurse ensures this happens in Sue’s case. The nurse needs to constantly provide a patient with support and ongoing education in her management of
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