A Multi Million Dollar Business For Airlines

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The checking in of luggage has become a multi million-dollar business for airlines companies now, and to be more accurate in 2012 consumers paid over $3 billion dollars to check in their bags. Majority of airlines now charge a fee to check inn luggage, but a portion of that fee goes into paying the workers who make sure that your luggage makes it on he conveyor belt, or on to your connecting flight in a timely manner. With all the accommodations made for bigger aircraft, which includes bigger terminal, and bigger taxi, this reduces the amount of time that airline handlers have to sort your bags and get it to you on time. The baggage handling of one of the nations busiest airport is very sophisticated, “At the center of the airport’s baggage operations, well hidden from the view of passengers, is a vast sorting system consisting of 20 miles of high-speed conveyor belts, laser scanners, and pinball machine–style arms that shuffle bags and shoot them to their gate area”(Peterson, 2012, para.7). In spite of all this technology bigger planes like the A380, increases the chances of delays because of the increase capacity of the plane. Accommodating larger international flight means that more luggage’s have to be scanned, because more people are on these flights. Airport managers has to make accommodation with TSA to make sure that they have the accurate amount of workers on hand, so that all baggage’s are checked Thoroughly to make sure that no country band is not being smuggled
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