A Multi National Organization, And Religion

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Although adherents of Scientology and social scientists are adamant that it is a religion, a more appropriate explanation is that this is a multi-national organization, and religion is only one of its several mechanisms. The other components of scientology include political ambitions, business enterprises and projects, cultural production, simulated medical perpetrations and simulated psychiatric practices and an interchangeable family structure for some of its elite members known as the Sea Organization. Elite Sea

Organizations members have very little time for family obligations because of the demands of their jobs. The most disturbing aspect about life with the Sea Organization is that members might have to undergo very strict and invasive penalties, and forcing them into working in their Rehabilitation Project Force. These penalties violate most of the basic doctrines of human rights (Melton 2000).

Scientology has received critical judgements from British courts, calling it "pernicious nonsense and "dangerous material and immoral and socially obnoxious" . It has been described in Parliament as a socially harmful enterprise which indoctrinates children and other vulnerable people by "ignorantly practising quasi-psychological techniques" . The UK Government 's 1971 official report into Scientology was highly critical, as was another report prepared secretly several years later .

Scientology cannot be said to be a religion in the conventional sense that…
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