A Multi Scale Optimization Framework

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CO2 is an important greenhouse gas (GHG) and emission of CO2 to the atmosphere needs to be reduced in order to mitigate climate change. It is imperative to device ways of proper CO2 utilization and storage. CO2 can be sequestered geologically as well as there are other ways of CO2 utilization which can be economically viable in places where geological storage is not the most optimal solution. In the present study, the primary focus is on the integration potential of two GHG abatement options, which are geological sequestration of CO2 and biological sequestration of CO2 via microalgae growth, harvest and conversion to bioproducts. There are several ways of microalgae conversion to an array of products, as discussed in the previous sections. The present study aims to quantify the techno-economic tradeoffs and optimize the entire supply-chain of CO2 utilization to ensure the most economically feasible alternative of CO2 usage. A multi-scale optimization framework is proposed. The mathematical framework is provided in Figure 2. The model takes into account the design of pipeline network for CO2 transport, different processing routes for microalgae conversion as well as CO2 geological storage. A case-study is considered to assess the optimal design of GHG capture, storage and/or utilization for the state of Texas in United States. Such an effort will help inform decision and policy makers the optimal pathway of CO2 storage and utilization procedures for a particular location.
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