A Multicultural Self Assessment That I

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Journal: Multicultural Awareness Below, I will discuss the results of a multicultural self-assessment that I took. I will describe a time in which I felt “other”. I will then proceed to explain my personal feelings regarding each. I will discuss a course of action I plan to take as a result of the multicultural assessment. I will develop a counseling identity statement. Finally, I will explain why multicultural awareness and cultural competency are important in the field of counseling. Multicultural Self-Assessment Taking the multicultural self-assessment provided me with some insight. Most of my answers were a four or five. However, I did score two number threes. The first question I ranked myself as a three on was, “When I need assistance I am comfortable asking for it,” (Petrone, 2004). I am not fully comfortable asking for help. This is something I will work on. The second question which I ranked three was “People are generally good and I can accept them as they are,” (Petrone, 2004). I agree with the second half, I can accept people for who they are. I am very nonjudgmental and I try to keep my mind open to all possibilities and situations. However, I see things that really make me question if people are generally good. Overall, according to the self-assessment, I was rather well-rounded multiculturally. First Time I Realized I was “Other” The first time I realized I was other was when I was in high school. I always excelled as a student. During my senior year, I was
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