A Muslim 's Mind : Synopsis

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A Muslim’s Mind: Book Synopsis A Muslim’s Mind is an elucidating oeuvre by Edward Hoskins, aiding with a cognition and expanded awareness of the Muslim faith and traditions within the ken or purview of a Christian worldview. Everything from the minutia to the sacred receives a delving treatment; both the Qur’an and Hadith share cameos with the quotidian tasks of an ordinary, boilerplate Muslim. A sundry of disputatious subject matter is broached and further disquisition is arranged and mounted against fallacious strains of Islamic thought. Moreover, abetting this book and its ethos are a selection of techniques and refutations to employ when negotiating the complexities of any Christian to Muslim interface. In A Muslim’s Mind, Hoskins commences with an overview and subsequently thorough exposition of the Hadith and all that these missives entail. Pertaining to the veracity of these dubiously apocryphal books, the Hadiths are extraneous yet canonical scripture to a Muslim, and hold daily and liturgical significance. Hoskins continues his appraisal of these opuses as posing an insuperable problem for some Muslims, as they do not constitute as direct and incontrovertible dictums. The verbatim dictation style of the Qur’an renders the holy text as sacrosanct; Allah was utilizing the instrumentality of both Jibreel and Mohammad to convey a transcendent message to wayward humanity. The Qur’an is evincive of categorical mandates from Allah, and a pittance of resistance can be…

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