A Myriad of Colours

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Once upon a time, a chameleon escaped from the zoo and somehow ended up on a cargo ship. It was a wonder how the chameleon did it. But she was a chameleon, one that can camouflage. It doesn’t make it anymore unbelievable now. So, one day after the chameleon feasted on the leftovers left by the foul-mouthed sailors, She slowly made her way up to the top container. When she reached the top, she felt bliss, being able to see the sunset from the best seat on the ship. Then the ship suddenly jerked. Little chameleon always thought the captain to be high. But a chameleon was a land animal, she didn’t know about the rough waves and the currents of the sea. Anyhow, little chameleon didn’t mind it, she continued drinking in the view. She coloured herself the many hues of the sunset because she felt happy. She wanted to be a part of it.
That night, the sea was especially rough, and the captain did everything to save the whole ship from “the spa treatment”. The captain was successful. But Little Chameleon was not as lucky, she got washed off into the sea. She tried and tried to waddle, swim or simply, survive. She thought she was not going to get through this cold, dark sea. She was so ready to surrender herself to the Lord. Her thoughts of halos and angel wings while gazing up at The Lord were soon lost as she found a piece of driftwood. “Rain check on that milord” she thought. She was at first tempted to just stay there and drown because she knew that no one would care. But a teeny
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