A Myth Of A Christian Nation Analysis

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What is the author’s main purpose in writing this book?
The author's main purpose for writing A Myth of a Christian Nation is to explain how the world has claimed to be founded on christian principles but has neglected to see that this is a lie that we as christians and people in society have told ourselves to make it seem like we are “ one nation under God”. Boyd also focuses in on and introducing our role in the kingdom of God vs the kingdom of the world and our role in politics and society.
2. What is the key question/problem/issue the author is addressing?
The key question the author is addressing is What is truly our role as christians in society and what outlook should we have when dealing with politics?. Do we put our loyalties into
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The kingdom of God and the kingdom of the world are at two different ides and should never be mixed or manipulated to what we as humans want. Whereas christians should be bound by the law but have an obligation to do what is best for God. Boyd believes that church and state should be separated, due to all the sin and evil in the world there can't be a mixture of the two. The kingdom of God vs the kingdom of the world is simple. The kingdom of God strives to make sure each life on earth is touched and knows about God. Being saved and born again and living life for God and having everlasting life. Spreading love and message of God. Whereas the kingdom of the world is focused on greed, sex, immorality, and to make immortalize…show more content…
This evidence shows that the world and the kingdom of God are on very distinct opposite sides and God has given Christians clear instructions while we are on this earth. We are to be in the world but not if it and that includes when it comes to subjects such as politics and our values guiding our actions. The world is a broken place where Christianity and God once was a prevalent source of action and responsibility in our government. However throughout time God has faded and we have idolized and immortalized ourselves to know what's right. Making ourselves the God of our lives and making decisions based on what we think is
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