A / N So This Is My Second Story From Recxrds

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A/N So this is my second story....yay!!!! And I got the idea for the story from recxrds. She has a book called ' 'Story Ideas ' ' and I wanted to make one of her ideas come to life. So if you have no inspiration at all please go check out that book. Okay bye..... Cheyenne ' 'God Marnie I think the bathrooms clean enough. ' ' ' 'Well im sorry that I want everything clean! I mean you just lazy around here everyday throwing trash everywhere and I have to clean up after you! ' ' I love Marnie but she can be a real drag sometimes. You see Marnie and me were best friends throughout middle school and high school. After we both graduated we applied to the same college. We both got accepted and now we are roomates. ' 'Its not my fault, and you know that Marnie. You know I just got out a really bad relationship and Im trying. ' ' I spoke quietly. Marnie looked up. ' 'Sorry Chey, I just want eveything to be perfect for today. ' ' She said as she continued to scrub the toilet. Did I mention her boyfriend was coming over today. ' 'I know and I hope it i- ' ' And at that very moment Marnie jumped up full of joy. She began to put everything back into place in every room. She made her way to the door fixing her shirt and pants slightly and opened the door. ' 'LOUIS! ' ' She screamed so loudly it hurt my ears. ' 'I missed you so much! ' ' She kissed him passionately as I just stood there awkwardly. I was about to leave when I heard someone else other than Louis speak.

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