A Narrative Essay On A Newman's Last Forever

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It was a sea of black. She had begged her mother to let her stay home; to grieve in peace. But Odessa’s mother had said no.
So there she was, like everyone else, dressed head to toe in black. Her father may have been, in some way, her captor, but she stilled loved him nonetheless. Which made the funeral even worse.
She sat in the back, away from her mother and brother. Odessa needed to be by herself, and that was the best she could do. She didn’t listen to the prayers, or her mother’s crying. She didn’t feel the stares at her when everyone in her family but her went up to the casket.
What Odessa did hear was a constant ringing in her ears. What Odessa did feel was an odd heat building up into her stomach. She thought about her father’s words, “Vernon women are to be seen and not heard.” She never heard venom in them, but repeating it back over and over in her mind made her realize; she would have to defy her father’s
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She turned towards the door, and was taken by her arm to a corner.
“Odessa.” Her brother hissed, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Lawrence pulled her arm even tighter, trying to make his point.”
“Let me go!” She yanked her arm away from him and rubbed it, “I told you and mom I didn’t want to be here, and you made me go anyway.” She started to walk away
He crossed his arms, narrowed his eyes, and whispered, “Vernon women are to be seen, not heard.”
Odessa stopped and turned towards him. ‘I’m going to be seen and heard’ repeated in her head, over and over again, getting louder each time. She stood straight, and tall before yelling right in his face.
“You are NOT father! You will NEVER be father! You will not control me anymore, Lawrence. Go to hell.”

There was silence within the cathedral, the only gasp coming from her mother. Odessa looked towards her mother, and whispered, “I’m going to be heard now.” Before walking out of the cathedral and onto the
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