A Narrative Essay On The Poison Ivy

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Those who’ve ruined your life are the poison ivy in this world, and after dealing with them, one will still never learn to stay away and instead go back to those same people. In other words, “One dreadful affliction from poison ivy should have taught one a lesson. But clearly it hasn’t, when they savor the taste of venom and allow the ivy to suffocate themselves with the way others form their life for them.” These were the words that came from a woman who gave me a new perspective of life.
Last summer, I traveled to Chicago to my dad’s work for a “bring your kids to work” week program. Around noon, the kids had a break so I went to a record shop that was a block away. On my way there, a woman crying with a bent over posture on a bench, had caught my eye. Normally, I
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She was taking care of her infant who had a type of breathing problem and needed a special tube to breathe from along with frequent doctor visits, all without her boyfriend who had left her. Also, she had a job that didn’t pay much so she couldn’t pay all the medical bills, rent, etc. To make things worse, she got herself into drugs and was ashamed that she wouldn’t be the perfect mother for her child. Going on forever about how everything was getting worse, she included her saying of the poison ivy, that stuck with me.
This conversation, made me look upon my life and relate to certain feelings when I felt helpless, but realized I had unconsciously overcome those feelings with determination and that was what she needed. When she had finished, I gave her the best advice that one could give and I told her that she was the strongest woman I had ever met and her child would look up to how hard she was working. Asking her if she believed in God, I then told her that He has a plan for everyone, and things happen for a reason because they’re meant to
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