A Narrative Of A Homeless Person

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“Sit down! Do not stand on furniture” “Stop running through the house” these are just a couple of things you’ll hear when you step into my house. My family isn’t what you’d call normal at all; we are a very facetious. You can’t say I didn’t warn you, so take a jacket and join the crew. How about we start off with the “ancient” one, who lived with dinosaurs. That would be my grandma. If you were to spend a day, even an hour, with her, you too would say she is old fashioned, independent, and not afraid to speak what she has on her mind or how she feels about you. The only reason I say she is old fashioned is because if you are to do a research paper she will make you use books and papers first. Then if you can’t find the answer, she lets you…show more content…
This kid is energetic, smart, bright, and I can't forget fearless. Braxton from when he gets up to when he goes to sleep, is running around the house, climbing trees or his swing set. He never runs out of energy during the day. He is smart; so smart that he figures out problems kids his age aren't supposed to know how to do. If he is faced with a problem, he will find a way to figure it out. One time we were at Verizon getting Grandma a new cell phone, and they had the phones you can test/play with to see if you’d want it. He turned on the phone, unlocked it, found the games, and started to play them. The staff there couldn’t believe what he had just done. The manager asked if he had any help with the phone and all we said was no. He is fearless; we have to keep a close eye on him 24/7 because he isn't afraid of anything except spiders and Noel. When we're cooking, we have to make sure he doesn't go near the stove because he will reach for the pots and touch it. This kid can take pain and he is the bravest in the house. I don't think that he is going to outgrow his fearlessness. You can’t let his angelic looks fool you because he is like a devil in disguise. He is well behaved when he has to be but most of the time, he is wrestling with me or playing dodge ball. I love this kid to death and can’t think of what I would do without
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