A Narrative on Terrorism

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Narrative on terrorism There have been occurrences of some major natural disasters over the recent times, this have had great impact on families and lives of many people. The event that has had a great impact to me is the recent occurrence of the September 11 terrorist attacks. These events made headlines in media all over the world in newspapers as well as television got an in depth detail of the occurrence that had a great impact on me ,I failed to understand how terrorists could be so evil to an extent of planning to attack innocent citizens. This were a series of f our suicide attacks that were coordinated upon the United states in the New York city and Washington DC. Terrorists hijacked passenger jets, and intentionally flew two of them into the North and south towers of the World Trade complex in the New York leaving behind two collapsed towers in a matter of two hours can only imagine the distress and panic those innocent passengers were feeling when the hijackers took control of the planes. The collapsing of the towers was just but the beginning; the debris from this collapsing building fell onto other surrounding buildings and even initiated fires in those buildings. This resulted to collapse either partially or completely of this surrounding buildings in the complex. The debris also caused damage to ten other large structures in the immediate area. The third hijacked jet was intentionally crashed into the pentagon; however in the fourth jet the passengers
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