A Narretive Essay: One Last Time

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In “One Last Time,” Gary Soto talks about how he grew up in an immigrant family, and to make money had to work the fields. He talks about how the menial jobs made him feel and what he thought of them. I may not be able to relate to the immigrant laborer part of the story. I understand what it’s like to come from very little but still think that some things are not worth doing just to get something if it will make you feel like less than you are. Soto goes into great detail about his time picking grapes and cotton, but he doesn’t really go into as much detail about why he feels the way he does. I feel that even though he talks about being a laborer and how he felt, it can be understood by many different types of people. I think that it is a…show more content…
Soto describes how after working in the grape field that although he had earned the money he felt like a “Mexican.” He eventually decided he’d rather go without new clothes for school than continue to do a job that he felt was beneath him. I have held many jobs that I thought were beneath me but unlike Soto I was never willing to walk away simply because of that. I have learned over the years that although I may not like the job if it will help me to reach my goal than it is not beneath me. We are only limited by what we allow to limit us. Although there are a multitude of differences between our worlds, like the way we grew up and the differences in our heritage. There are also many similarities that help me to relate to Soto and his experience. I do wish that I could have seen more of why he felt that the jobs he was doing made him feel like he was doing something that he shouldn’t have to do. As I reflect on the story Soto tells I think about how I could have decided not to do something only to find that I can’t get back what I did. While Soto did eventually return to the grape fields not everyone has the opportunity to go back and make what they think is a bad situation better. I think that the point of his essay was to express his point that no matter what we have to strive for excellence and settle for nothing less than what we feel we deserve. He came back to his roots and grew from his past experiences much the same way that I have

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