A Nation At Risk By President Ronald Reagan

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Since prior to the 1980’s, the American education system has rapidly declined in all areas. The article, “A Nation at Risk,” written by President Ronald Reagan, depicts the many issues in the U.S. school systems regarding the content, standard and expectations, time, teaching, and leadership and fiscal support. This piece, apparently, has led the country into an extreme educational reform to improve all aspects of our school system. Based on my experiences in high school, student test scores, and current school conditions, I believe that while all issues raised by the commission in the report are not necessarily a problem anymore, issues with student growth. First and foremost, I believe evaluation of student growth is the biggest issue in the educational system. Test scores do not provide the most accurate depiction of where today’s students stand in terms of content knowledge. For example, I went to Shea High School in Pawtucket Rhode Island, an incredibly diverse school, “with over 52 countries represented and over 25 languages spoken,” (www.pawtucket.shea.schooldesk.net/). With that in mind, not all students speak English, and a large majority know English as a second language. Regardless, however, all students are required to take standardized tests in English, which negatively impact the school’s test scores greatly. Another major issue that is addressed in the article is with the teachers and their teaching styles. The method in which most teachers teach their

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