A Nation Of Immigrants By John F. Kennedy

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On the pros of the debate, The American journey in terms of jobs and economic progress has been positively affected by the contribution of legal immigrants. Immigrants have strengthened the United states by boosting the revenue of American businesses and raising the job opportunities for American workers. The contribution of immigrants strengthening the U.S economy has led the nation to favor immigration, that is if the process of citizenship is done correctly and legally. In the book “A Nation of Immigrants” by John F. Kennedy states “ Every ethnic minority, in seeking its own freedom, helped strengthen the fabric of liberty in American Life.” The nation is comprise of immigrants who traveled from foreign lands and have contributed…show more content…
Another positive contribution is that immigrant owned businesses create jobs for American workers. For example, “According to the National Venture Capital Association, immigrants have created 25 percent of public U.S companies including Google, eBay, Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems and Intel.”(Furman and Gray) Immigrants contribute to making new jobs, creating new technologies, and even lead some of the worlds most innovative companies, all of which contribute to boosting the economy. If more companies are built, more workers are needed to be employed and the more successful a company is the more likely it will generate revenue and lead to technological development. Another contribution is that Immigrants start businesses. In fact, “According to the Small Business Administration, immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a business in the United States than non-immigrants, and 18 percent of all small business owners in the United States are immigrants.” (Furman and Gray) Many major american companies have been created by immigrant entrepreneurs. These successful businesses have become global enterprises and have created a positive reputation on the nations economy. Businesses like those pay a huge portion of taxes and that’s because bigger companies are more productive. More production demands for higher wages, higher profits and even success in
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