A Nation Of Immigrants By John F. Kennedy

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The United States of America is, “a nation of immigrants” as John F. Kennedy called it. Apart from the Native American ancestry, all others trace their culture back to somewhere else (Soerens, M. 2013). In my opinion, the U.S has increasing rate of immigrants, than any other country. It is also successful in providing facilities like education, employment and various career opportunities for global immigrants even today.
My essay is about the question, “How are cultural differences effecting the communication and performance of immigrants at the U.S work places”? I always wondered how and what it would be to work as a foreigner midst the domestic people. I am an immigrant myself and closely associated with immigrants who are my family and friends. My husband also works here and there are many of my cousins and relatives who came to the U.S for several purposes and are in different fields at various positions. I saw one of my close cousin, who he himself rose to a successful employer from being an employee, in the U.S. Though currently not employed, but being a prospect employee, I am more curious about the effect of the culture on the performance and communication of immigrants here. All these made me select this question, so that I can get an in depth sight regarding this topic depending on the research findings.
During my initial literature survey, I found that adequate research is not done in this area of organizational communication, in spite of the
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