A Nation Of Laws Must Rely On Law Enforcement

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Imagine what it would be like to live in a world without any laws or authority figures? For some people that projects an image of relief and bliss due to the fact that they can literally do what they please. However, on the other side of the spectrum, some people will imagine a corrupt and destroyed world. I am one of those people that believe laws and rules are necessary in society, even if it requires a limitation on our civil freedoms. Throughout the paper I will discuss why as a nation of laws we must rely on law enforcement agencies to enforce our laws through the use of “political correctness”, even if it restricts society. As it turns out, rules and laws have been enforced for thousands of years in some format or another. According…show more content…
In order to gain protection, we have to have an opportunity cost that will affect our civil freedom. Examples of our opportunity costs can include: giving up on certain activities we may enjoy, and limiting the way we can express ourselves. For example, society has been told that texting and driving is against the law due to some many fatal incidents. According to the article, “46 Important Texting While Driving Fatalities Statistics,” on an average day in the United State of America, around nine individuals die due to the drivers’ choice to text rather than paying attention to the road. Since technology is expanding and people are not cautious of their surrounds, laws have been created as a way to prevent this dangerous behavior and save innocent bystanders. Because driving is a privilege, we are responsible to obey laws that prevent dangerous actions like texting. When caught committing this crime, the driver is pulled over and given a citation. Although there are many laws that dictate every aspect of our lives, including when and where we are allowed to text, I believe that this nation is better off with the current amount of laws. In chapter six on page 156, Hendrix states, “because each case is so very different, the court must reach a decision about the appropriateness of police action based on those specific
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