A Nation Of Shame By Dorothy Allison

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A Nation of Shame In today’s society people are placed into certain categories depending upon their social classes. Although throughout the history of society people would expect that certain classes’ social orders world have improved, but they have actually remained the same. In Dorothy Allison’s book, Stubborn Girls and Mean Stories, she writes, “The central fact of my life is that I was born in 1949 in Greenville, South Carolina, the bastard daughter of a white woman from a desperately poor family.”(2812). Although she is shamed by being referred to as white trash according to her class’s social order “she accepts the word trash and uses it to raise the issue of who the term glorifies as well as who it disdains.” (Allison 2816). According to Susie Scifres Kuilan,
“Allison’s works portray a segment of Southern society that many people, including Allison, label as poor “white trash,” and she counts herself a member of that society. Allison’s objective in writing about this lower class of poverty-stricken whites includes providing them with an identity that had previously been denied to them or misrepresented. She also wanted to present them with a voice in which to tell their stories. Her works reveal Allison’s strong belief that class plays as large a role in identity formation as gender, race, and sexual orientation.”(1). In today’s society American’s have many different views of how to treat people and who should be treated nicely or badly. “Americans love to hate the…
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