A Nation 's Fugitive Heroes

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A Nation 's Fugitive Heroes Worthless, and a waste of our time, that is what many people think about the homeless. Most people fail to notice certain demographics of the homeless, in particular, the veterans. Little do they know that the people who risked their lives fighting for our country make up a significant portion of the homeless population in the United States. In urban cities such as Los Angeles, California, homeless veterans are consistently ignored, leaving them to fend for themselves. There is a myriad of problems that contributes towards the number of homeless veterans in the United States, and since there are so many factors that contribute towards veteran homelessness, this essay will emphasize on the importance of assisting the homeless and on three primary common traits found among these veterans: untreated mental illnesses, lack of education, and physical disabilities; this report will also focus on homeless war veterans under the age of forty years old and who live in Los Angeles. As such, this problem begins with the consequences of our society 's apathy towards homeless. People who ignore the homeless also neglect the repercussions that come with them, which include burglaries, thefts, and assaults. There is a correlation between homeless people and their chances of committing crimes. A 2013 research conducted by Schulich School of Medicine MD candidate, Kim Fielding and University of Western Ontario Nursing Research faculty member, Cheryl Forchuk,

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