A National Genocide : Why?

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A National Genocide: Why?
Although after World War 1 the Nazis needed someone to blame for the many deaths and poor economy that resulted in losing the war, and the Jews were an easy target to blame, the citizens of Germany should have stopped the genocide, because innocent lives were lost, and they should have been more aware of the horrors and tragedies that were happening within their own backyards.
Many speculations have been made as to why Hitler and his “followers” hated the jews enough to murder and slaughter an entire race of them, but many historians can agree that the hatred mainly boils down to two points. The first reason to hate, according to Professor David Cesarani, is purely economic. "We hate Jews because they possess too much wealth and power. It isn’t right for a people like that to live in wealth while the rest of us struggle." (“Understanding the Holocaust” 2). The second is that they needed a scapegoat. "The Jews were a convenient group to single out and blame for all their troubles." (“Understanding the Holocaust” 4). Following the aftermath of World War 1, the German government began spreading rumors and lies to the people throughout the nation about the Jews, discrediting them and causing the people to hate them. Hitler began using propaganda to fuel his hate-fire against the Jews. Using the media- newspapers, movies, speeches, posters, and books, he began portraying the Jews in a negative light, filled with lies and stories that were taken out…
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