A Neat Sampling Strategy Based On Purposive Sampling Essay

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Sampling Davies initially planned to use a neat sampling strategy based on purposive sampling. The complexity of the study however, affected this strategy. It was mainly by connections Davies was able to expand her sample, some of the connections becoming participants in the study themselves, some of them working as points of contact (REFERENCE).Therefore, Davies used instead snowball and convenience sampling methods. When looking at sampling strength, the first thing that must be asked is whether the sample is representative of the population (Clark, 2003). Davies attempts to keep a balanced number of female/male proportion in the sample, however, the fact landmine work is a male dominated field made this impossible. Therefore, although the majority of the landmine action actors interviewed were male, this is in some way still representative of the studied population. Nevertheless, when interviewing villagers, Davies does manage to keep the numbers proportionate in terms of gender and age. Recruitment Davies selected a convenience sampling and, although not acknowledging so, a snowball sampling method, as most of the new participants she recruited were connections made by the previous participants (REFERENCE). One must therefore ask: is this sampling strategy appropriate? (Clark, 2003). When looking into the landmine action actors, the struggle finding potential participants within the research field is an understandable barrier. It must therefore be

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