A Negative Experience That Made A Major Impact On My Life

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A negative experience that made a major impact in my life was when I lost my uncle, two years ago when I was a junior in high school. From this experience I learned why it is important of putting your family first above everything else. When I started my junior year of high school, I already had a plan what to do this year. I was planning to get good grades and get a high score on my SAT so it would look good when I apply to college. In September, I decide to take the SAT on January 25,2015. I signed up on this date because it would give me at least three to four months to prepare and understand the material. Instead of waiting last minute to study, I decide to study right after I got the date. I bought all the books that I needed and I decided to take some online classes as well to prepare. For the next three to four months my main focus was to do well on the SAT. Every day after school when I was done with my homework, I would right away study for the SAT. I would do many practice problems, study a lot of vocabulary words, and look over the mistakes that I have done. Every opportunity that I would get I would usually study. Probably on average I would spend at least fourteen to fifteen hours a week studying for that test. I knew getting a high score my SAT was very important because I knew applying to college would be very competitive and they wanted the best students to come to their college. Knowing this I wanted to score high. On January 24, 2015, one day before
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