A Negotiation Situation Based On A Selling Of A 6 Plex Building

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An Essay based on a negotiation situation based on a selling of a 6 plex building in Montreal the cost asked for selling is 850,000 dollar and the price the building was bought in 2005 was 500,000 dollar and 100,000 dollar was spent on it, and the municipality evaluation is 670,000 dollar and the growth revenue from the building is 72,000 dollar

Negotiation is considered to be one of the crucial elements of economic activity. Additionally, the ability of management to be good negotiators is also a key element necessary for the success of any business. Negotiation is described as the bargaining process through which sellers and buyers arrive at an agreement; it is the process by which both parties, the seller and the buyer, resolves conflict between them concerning prices. Negotiation is reached when as many interests are met. Negotiation process occurs at different level, including, personal level, Inter-group, diplomatic level or at cooperate level.
In requisites, negotiation is a discussion involving two or more parties (disputants) who are in the process of finding a solution to their problems. Negotiation process takes place when the parties are trying to solve a problem arising out of intentions to do new things. It happens when the parties acknowledge the conflict of interest between them and that they can influence the outcome by demanding for a better deal, as opposed to accepting the

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