A Neuropsychologist: Stephen Correia

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Stephen Correia is a psychologist in the state of Rhode Island. He started his education at Manhattenville College in Purchase, NY, but transferred after a year to University of Rhode Island. He graduated from University of Rhode Island in 1982 with an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Twelve years later he continued his education going back to University of Rhode Island. This time he was going for his graduate degree in Psychology. He graduated four years later with a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. Right after, he pursued his Doctor of Philosophy degree continuing at University of Rhode Island. He graduated in 2001 for the third time from the University of Rhode Island with a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical…show more content…
This report is for the patient, their family and other clinicians to read.
There are challenges that Dr. Correia goes through on occasion. One problem he has is working with the patient’s provider and figuring out what exactly the provider wants him to do. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what specific tests the provider wants to have Dr. Correia do. Another problem Dr. Correia comes across is when all the tests show nothing wrong so he has to figure out the puzzle of what’s going on with the patient. After figuring out what is wrong with the patient, it also might to difficult to tell the patient if the test results came out bad.
Dr. Correia serves two different populations. The first and most common population is the elderly, 65 and over. This age would most likely be coming in for Alzheimer’s. The other population Dr. Correia sees is children and young adults. Most of these patients get hurt from sports injuries to the head. He usually does not see patients in their 40’s and 50’s because they are usually too young to have Alzheimer’s and usually too old to be playing sports or doing things that would cause a head injury.
Psychology is an integrated science that is based in research that challenges us to explore the connection between our behavior and the brain (Cherry). This definition is very similar to what Dr. Correia does. He does research and clinical work to figure out the connection of the behavior of his patients to their brain to

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