A New Age Worldview Does Not Contain An Original Framework

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A new age worldview does not contain an original framework of beliefs separate from more established worldview positions. It has borrowed from a wide variety of belief systems without any substantial evidence to lend merit to its’ ideas. An exception to this could be to say that it cannot be proven that people do not experience some of the “trips” they take in their conscious minds while reaching their enlightenment, on the contrary, it is clear they not only experience them, but genuinely believe their ideas and perceptions to be real. It is especially not difficult to believe this when one is influenced by drugs, as referenced by James Sire in his book The Universe Next Door as he shares about New Age and the use of LSD. While it…show more content…
Christianity, on the other hand, maintains that there is one sovereign God who has a human likeness in that He has personality, is relational and reveals Himself to us. He is known as a triune God, three persons in one being. The God of the Christian bible is omniscient, omnipotent and transcendent. The Christian God created and watches over an open system universe. Everything within the universe exists because God exists, and has always existed. He is the beginning and the end. In a New Age following, the external universe exists, is visible, orderly and upholds the laws of reality. However, there is also an alternate, invisible universe that bypasses reality altogether and exists strictly in what a New Age citizen might call “Mind at large”. Mind at large is only somewhat orderly with a tinge of chaos. It is controlled entirely by one’s self without any laws of reality restricting the imagination of the individual. This alternate universe is limitless, and becomes whatever the Mind at Large decides to become, and consists of whatever or whomever the individual conjures in the depths of his or her imagination. A complete state of nothingness, or total euphoria. In the New Age mind, imagination becomes reality in a purely subjective existence. Objectivity has no place in the self-absorbed, self-centered energy of a New Age worldview. Some individuals who hold this worldview would offer a contradictory position on both prime and

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