A New Application For Curled Metal Inc.

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Overview Curled Metal Inc. (CMI) used to manufacture custom-fabricated components for chemical process filtration and other highly technical applications that used certain types of metal as a raw material. CMI rapidly grow in the last decade due to Slip-Seal, a product that meet the demanding specification of the automaker imposed by US strict environment legislation. In order to diversify offer from auto industry, CMI’s management decided to examine a new application for curled metal technology. Thus, management began to examine their new product, a cushion pad, which is a key part of the process for driving piles. Analysis People relating to the new product can be separated into six groups including Pile hammer manufactures, Architectural/Consulting engineers, Soil consultants, Pile hammer distributing/renting companies, Engineering/Construction contractors and Independent pile-driving contractors. Although every group has their own characteristics, especially, Engineering/Construction contractors are prospective customers who need strong and high performance pads. In terms of the company skills, CMI possess great processing technology and ability to create new competitive products. Next, competitors in a cushion pad market are companies which manufacture conventional pad which have poor performance and are quickly destroyed. Potential collaborators are Pile hammer manufactures Architectural/Consulting engineers and Soil consultants, which could influence

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