A New Barbie Commercial Challenges

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A new Barbie commercial challenges us to question, “What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything?” (“Imagine the Possibilities”). Mattel has created an inspiring and thought provoking ad. The ad, titled “Imagine the Possibilities,” was developed and published by Mattel as a promotion for Barbie Dolls. The ad was originally published on Mattel’s YouTube channel (Rose). To create a successful advertisement, Mattel targeted a particular audience. A very specific purpose was kept in mind as Mattel created the ad. Rhetorical appeals were boldly used throughout the ad to capture the audience’s attention.
In the ad, five young girls pretend to be working professionals. The reaction of nearby adults is caught by hidden cameras. The audience is first introduced to Gwyneth. Gwyneth walks into a college classroom and announces to her new students that she will be their professor for the day. She jumps right into a lesson about the brain. Gwyneth keeps her students on their toes when she says cute things such as, “There is no high school for the dog.” We then see Brooklyn, the veterinarian. Brooklyn is dressed in a white doctors coat with a cat shirt underneath. She has her hair braided into pigtails and a stethoscope around her neck. She has even made herself a nametag that says “doctor.” At first, pet owners seem skeptical about letting Brooklyn examine their pets, but they warm up to the idea pretty quickly. While examining a cat, Brooklyn questions whether or
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