A New Battle Of The Civil War

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A New War To Fight The Civil War was one of the most trying moments in American history. Two opinions trying to outweigh each other caused citizens to choose to be united under two different flags instead of one. Both sides, the Union and the Confederacy, have their own interpretation of how the war happened. For example, a citizen (although their identity is unknown) noted that “The civil war was a whole new type of warfare. Unfortunately, the only way one could learn how to fight in this new type of war was to actually fight in this new type of war.” Overall, this quote is correct and is easy to agree with because not all wars are the same. The changes and lessons learned can range from land space to fighting tactics to technology, like…show more content…
The use of the smooth-bore musket and the rifled musket changed how the war was physically fought. A smooth-bore musket is a type of gun that is smooth on the inside. The bullet is pushed through the smooth barrel and can be launched about eighty yards. A rifled musket has a groove and is spiraled in the inside. The actually bullet is closer to the trigger and can shoot four hundred yards. These two different guns bring their own importance to the war because of the new, easy way killing someone became. The rifled musket seemed more effective in the long run, but the smooth-bore musket was just as useful. 620,000 Americans died (although a majority of the death was caused by disease) during this tragic war. The lesson that can be learned from this is that the advancement in technology. can change the death toll in a war and ultimately change the outcome in who wins. The Civil War is one of the wars with the highest death toll of Americans in history. Although the advancement in technology is a clear lesson to learn the first time around, the same lesson is still being taught in wars like the First World War and its inventions like tanks, machine guns, poison gas and much more. Not only did technology have a huge impact on how the war was fought, the physical fighting and tactics also played a role. The battle of Fort Sumter was the attack and abdication of Fort Sumter (near Charleston, South Carolina) and the start of the Civil War.
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