A New Birth Of Freedom

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Our world is a rich and amazing environment with a vibrant past, present, and quite possibly future, and hundreds and thousands of years ago, we humans took it upon ourselves to record the events of importance that happen over time. However, each person has their own unique perspective, influenced by experiences, childhood, belief systems and more, and each of these aspects of our personality affect how we view and record historical events. It is inevitable that we will take sides -- it’s what people do. Still for the sake of history, historians try to remain objective. However, sometimes people want opinions. In these cases, experienced persons might publish professional, personal beliefs about an important historical or political event. Take, for example, President Obama’s 2009 presidential inauguration speech. Themed “A New Birth of Freedom,” his speech centered around the idea that although America is going through hard times, we, with kindness and determination, will push through and prosper. It was fairly too the point, and the President did not gloss over things, stating his intentions close to the beginning of the speech -- although not before he pointed out how honored he was to be elected. He pointed out that we are -- or at least were, at the time of this speech -- in a crises, warring with forces of violence and hatred. He pointed out the weakness of our economy and asserted that we had not been making the hard choices we needed to make, that a creeping fear of
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