A New Boy By Steph Green

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A New-Boy’s experience
When you think of two inspirational ways to convince someone of a topic, reading books and movies come to mind. This is because they are the ones that are most commonly known because in our day and age either you read about something or your watch something such as the news. In this paper specifically I will be talking about the movie, and short story New Boy written by Steph Green. For those of you who might be wondering what exactly is New Boy, it’s a story about a boy, Joseph, a nine year old boy from Africa, who starts school in Ireland. The movie adopted many ideas from the short story, but also had differences such as the sympathy shown towards Joseph, had less of Joseph’s internal thought that was not brought up within the movie, and such characters acting differently than originally plotted.
In addition the sympathy shown in the film is not always going to be the same as in a short novel, especially for the New Boy. Despite these differences, both film and short story shows sympathy for Joseph, even though the short story and film are both created by the same script the film stands out significantly when comparing sympathy towards Joseph. For example, in the short story a little girl voices a concern about joseph to the teacher by saying, “—Where’s he from miss? (64)”. The teacher then responds by saying, “We’ll talk about that later (64)”. In the film the New boy, Joseph, was brought into class and welcomed into the class as a new student.

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