A New Brand for Senior Health Plus

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Ch. 25; A New Brand for Senior Health Plus UMUC- HCAD 670 Executive Summary Growth and change in any organization can be a difficult time both for executives and for employees. When growth comes at an astounding rate, there are bound to be problems at all levels of the organization. Senior Health Plus (SHP) is a small, non-profit HMO based in Southern California. The company started as a grassroots organization that enjoyed a positive reputation for pioneering new ways to care for the elderly. This success has a price however, as the membership of SHP has grown exponentially in the past several years from 10,000 to 35,000 members. In response to this growth, management went on an expansion frenzy, moving all executives to a…show more content…
Rita Lansing. She is VP of Marketing. Rita is the major force behind the new advertising efforts to mass market SHP. Prior to the implementation of mass media marketing, SHP attracted new customers via word of mouth and limited print advertising. Rita is taking the campaign to new levels by utilizing television commercials. In contrast to the foundation of SHP and to Jamie’s methods of employee involvement in change, Rita believes that changes should be made unilaterally and without employee input. Rita, perhaps blinded by ambition or desire to please the CEO, sees no reason to involve employees with the change in culture that is taking place at SHP. To Rita, employees should be happy to be suddenly associated with the new corporate culture coming to SHP. Any branding should meet the administration’s requirements first, employees are an after thought. As mentioned above, Jamie is in a relatively new position at SHP whilst Rita has seemingly been there for some time. Adding to Jamie’s detriments, Rita has the CEO “wrapped around her finger.” The CEO. Although nameless in this study, the CEO is the source of the problems amongst the VPs described above. The CEO has created the need for branding of his company which, again, has tripled in size in a very short time. The CEO desires to be set apart from other HMOs but his desire
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