A New Business Adventure Of Fice Supply Industry

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Staples was founded by two gentlemen, Tom Stemberg and Leo Kahn that were ready to start a new business adventure in the office supply industry. Both men had worked in the retail industry, and was open to building a company with a design twist of “Toys R Us”, which would be a business model structure into an office chain supply company that would service smaller business owner. According to Alan (2009) the business idea was created by Tom Stemberg from the concept being able to supply consumer with office supply at the best price. Due to financial situations Mr. Stemberg incorporate a business partner by the name of Leo Kahn that could supplied the company with the started up funds of $500,000,which, is a remarkable investment being that the company due more than $11.6 billion in sale (Alan, 2009). Staples was created to supply small business with office products that would be offered at smaller quality merchandised, lowest cost, and this is a new avenue that no other company have marketed, or expanding upon the industry of being profitable. There are no other businesses to leverage a business model of to ensure the vision of Mr. Stemberg would positive to work and be profitable. Also, having the ability to advocate for change in the way other business was operating, increase the awareness of the benefits of sale of small quality, branding the company, marketing the opportunity, as well as ensuring the consumer that the new office supply product would be beneficial for

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