A New Champion For The Massive Online Battle Arena

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My project is to create a new champion for the Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA (Steve Feak)) League of Legends by Riot Games. The project will consist of, researching current and failed champion designs before creating and, hopefully, introducing my champion into the game. I will start by thinking of a base idea that I believe will be interesting as a champion. Once I have this idea, I will research champions with similarities. When I have all the data collected about these similar champions I shall start to produce my champion as a pure concept with only data on paper, per say. Once I am happy that the champion is fun, fair and interesting to play, I will find someone to help me create a concept art piece; which at a later date will then be made into a 3-D model with particle effects. Once this has been done I will communicate with Riot Games to persuade them to help build and implement my champion into the game, with any luck. I chose to do this project as I have an interest in the game developing more. I have this interest as I have been playing the game for a few years. It’s been enjoyable as a player and been improving with time. This interest has led me to want to help improve and shape game play; by introducing a new champion. I have been thinking about doing this before and have looked into some other community creations which set me on the path to starting this project. People & project management is the use and understanding of people within a project. It helps
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