A New Client For A Cereal Making Company

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A new client for a cereal making company has asked us to help promote their cereal as “healthy”. This new cereal is called *name here*, and it is our job to determine the correlation between calories and potassium in order to make the new cereal “healthier” by lowering the calories but increasing potassium. We have researched the interrelationship between calories and potassium and this paper is a product of our analysis. We have compared data between the top fifteen cereals and have found that calories and potassium have a negative correlation. However this is only a coincidence as it is other factors, such as sugar, fiber, protein, and fat that correlate most directly to calories, while certain ingredients have more potassium than others. Calories and potassium are both essential parts of the diet that the human body needs in order to survive. A calorie is a unit of energy that measures how much energy the body gets just by eating or drinking it. It is generally thought that the higher the calories, the worse it is for the body. It is thought that way because the extra calories that the body doesn’t use is converted to fat, and too much fat is linked to health problems such as arthritis (joint degeneration), heart disease and diabetes. Potassium is an electrolyte (meaning it conducts electricity in the body), it is essential for the proper function of cells, tissues and organs. It is crucial for heart function and the contraction of smooth and skeletal muscles. Too much

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