A New Concept For Sustainability

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On April 15, 1998, passion for sustainability began when consultant Greg Header acquired Everlite Greenhouses. As an avid outdoorsman and a heart for innovation, Mr. Header was determined to seek a new concept for sustainability by renamed the company Solar Innovations, Inc. Staying true to its horticultural values; Solar Innovations is a manufacturer of residential and commercial sunrooms, greenhouses, and curtain wall systems. Made from aluminum, vinyl, and wood Solar Innovations has lead the industry for over 15 years by making environmentally sound choices for solarium product solutions. To expand their “green” efforts, in 2009 Solar Innovations moved their corporate campus to Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, which resides on 24 acres and employs over 160 families within an energy efficient 300,000 sq. ft. facility. Solar Innovations prides on being a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Gold Certified facility, 98.5% landfill free, and 85% off the grid through a 2,200 Solar Innovations panel roofing solution. During my phone interview with Solar Innovations, Inc., I asked, what does sustainability mean to Solar Innovations? President Greg Header says it is about making the least environmental impact on our environment, whether it being our footprint or carbon footprint, with all those things together, it allows us to do what we do. We are always finding ways to impact the environment less “negatively”. In reference to sustainability policies and practices,
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