A New Counselor For Drug And Alcohol Counselling Center

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Introduction As the new counselor for drug and alcohol counselling center, I am tasked with ensuring that my patients can recover from their stressful conditions. This paper is going to give an insight on the treatment plan options based on the adult development theories. As the counselor to Connor, an old patient suffering from drug and substance abuse and her daughter suffering from parental neglect known as Laura. In this regard, the paper will seek at discussing the strategies that will ensure a multidimensional development for Connor and Samantha, Laura’s neglected daughter as well as a wellness program in fostering a healthy relationship between them. A good treatment plan involves a comprehensive examination of the strengths, problems and strategies that address the client’s identifiable conditions. It presents an approach for organizing resources and implementation plan as well as the benchmarks for progress to guide evaluation. A treatment plan is a program that shows client’s recovery path from substance use and criminality behaviours (Adams, & Grieder, 2005, p 246). It shows where they need to be and how best their counselors can use the available resources to help them recover. In a nutshell, the treatment serves bests as a basis for shared understanding between the service providers such as the counselors and the patients. There are several approaches to treatment planning, but most of them possess basic similarities. First and foremost, the severity of

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