A New Counselor For Drug And Alcohol Counselling Center

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Introduction As the new counselor for drug and alcohol counselling center, I am tasked with ensuring that my patients can recover from their stressful conditions. This paper is going to give an insight on the treatment plan options based on the adult development theories. As the counselor to Connor, an old patient suffering from drug and substance abuse and her daughter suffering from parental neglect known as Laura. In this regard, the paper will seek at discussing the strategies that will ensure a multidimensional development for Connor and Samantha, Laura’s neglected daughter as well as a wellness program in fostering a healthy relationship between them. A good treatment plan involves a comprehensive examination of the strengths, …show more content…
It includes building a good relationship between the counselor and the client. A client was driven, individualized treatment plan is the foundation for doing good treatment and gives the client a good feeling of accomplishment and success. One of the adult development theory under the treatment plan includes the readiness for change and client motivation. The successful implementation of treatment largely depends on the client’s motivation and readiness for change. As the main counselor, motivation levels in my clients is the main determinant of treatment compliance, drop out and recovery (Miller, 2009, p 192). Connor and Samantha need a change in their thoughts and emotional commitment to voluntary engagement in treatment. Assessment of readiness and stage of change in treatment is another important adult development in treatment planning theories. It involves preparing the client for different types of treatment. After an examination and assessment of the clients, appropriate treatment should be found in every stage of change so as to enhance treatment compliance and outcome. Connor and Samantha are probably in their early stages of change and need an advanced placement of treatment that does not address ambivalence regarding the behaviour. Some of the benefits of this kind of treatment plan include the fact that each client is treated according to his or her stage of change. For each problem area, the plan is specific to its program and desire of change that may

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