A New Day It 's A Blessing

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Every single new day it’s a blessing. Every day. Science and Scientists approach ahead with a new methods and appliances to facilitate our existence and to be a life and healthy. According to that rapid revolutionize success in science and medical research in metabolic disorders. It’s consider one of the top of diseases on the list of the most world health organizations agencies around the globe that attempting to make a significant effort in fighting the disease and limits it risks that a combined with the disease. Diabetes Militias it is that metabolic illness witch required serious and real attention and medical care from the diabetic patients and their medical care team and family members or loved ones around the diabetic patient. Its causes are unknown. But the mechanism of how it’s affects the human body is remarkable and easy to fight or to be managed for life long. Its mechanism is known that the Pancreas is unable to produce the insulin hormone mostly congenital (type 1 DM) and the disability of the body to absorb glucose to the body cells to produce energy acquired (type 2 DM and gestational DM) to the whole different human body organs cells produce energy and to be functional. The diagnosis tests for diabetic’s militias are easy and affordable. The problem is that how the undiagnosed patients with diabetic’s militias are common and the way in which the disease affects the human body is in different levels and status from person to person. Most of…

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