A New Day It 's A Blessing

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Every single new day it’s a blessing. Every day. Science and Scientists approach ahead with a new methods and appliances to facilitate our existence and to be a life and healthy. According to that rapid revolutionize success in science and medical research in metabolic disorders. It’s consider one of the top of diseases on the list of the most world health organizations agencies around the globe that attempting to make a significant effort in fighting the disease and limits it risks that a combined with the disease. Diabetes Militias it is that metabolic illness witch required serious and real attention and medical care from the diabetic patients and their medical care team and family members or loved ones around the diabetic patient. Its…show more content…
Nevertheless. The disease is livable. Also its helps and aware the patients easily to manage and control there diets and control their physical activities or interrelated health complications will fallow for example (hypoglycemia, heart disease). In late June 2014 the FDA released AFREZZA the only inhale insulin to the public market. It has rapid acting effect. With mild transient cough and reduction in lung functionality as common side effect that can be managed and maintained. Afrezza should be taken in combination with long acting basal insulin and are not for emergences Definition Diabetes mellitus: most commonly referred to as ‘’Diabetes’’ it’s a chronic autoimmune disease associated with abnormally high levels of the sugar glucose in the blood. Diabetes is duo to one of the two mechanisms: 1. Insufficient production of insulin (which is released by the pancreas and lowers blood glucose). 2. In adequate sensitivity of cells to the action of insulin. It’s the inability for the human body cells to produce insulin by the Pancreas or process glucose and absorbs it by the cells to produce energy to the different organs cells in the human body that receives glucose through blood stream of the body. Hyperglycemia or increase blood sugar is a common effect of this disease and its serious because its complication can
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