A New Dimension Of Crime

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Fear continues to build as countries decide whether or not to allow refugees into their country, concerning the safety of their citizens after the sexual assaults in Germany that is being called a “new dimension of crime” (Cologne). On the celebratory night of New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, women were robbed and assaulted near a train station by a “crowd of about 1,000 men.” Hundreds of complaints were filed for the harassment, many of which dealt with robbery and the assaultment, though two cases of rape arose (Chokshi). The attackers, all of whom were young males, would “tightly surround women in groups of 30 or 40, before groping them and mugging them,” some even daring to throw firecrackers through the crowds (Tensions). These men were described by Wolfgang Albers, the Cologne police chief, as being “largely from the North African or Arab world” due to their darker complexions that led many to believe the attackers were refugees (Chokshi). German’s have been reluctant to the welcoming of refugees into their country since Henriette Reker, Cologne’s mayor, brought forth her “pro-refuge stance” during her campaign (Tensions). The rising tensions in Germany were inspired by the assaults, which spiraled into a lack of news reports, protests against the refugees, and a fight for women’s rights, all of which encourage fear throughout countries considering welcoming refugees.
While the train-station assault occurred on New Year’s Eve, the offences were not released to the…
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